Help Ukraine Win

On February 24th, 2022, Russia started a massive invasion of Ukraine, a European democracy of 40+ million people. This full-scale attack shocked and threatened the entire continent. Our country stood up for the entire free world.

As members of the Ukrainian tech community, we made a decision to support the home front: from supplies to fundraising to backing the economy in general. With an office right in the center of the country – in Cherkasy – we continue our business operations without interruptions, with volunteer duties added.

Your impact:

This is an average cost of the things which are needed for Ukrainian people:Β 

  • $20 = 4 meals to our defenders
    This is what Russian soldiers don’t have. But Ukrainians do. With each donation.
  • $50 = a pack of meds
    Vital medicine saves lives. It’s not a full IFAK 2 NAR first aid kit, but this does make a change.
  • $200 = a Laptop / Tablet / Smartphone
    To coordinate drones and artillery. To have reliable communication.
  • $600 = 1 Starlink Set
    When possible, IT companies supply the front with Starlink sets to connect to the satellite Internet. Cities like Mariupol and Chernihiv have no signal at all, but this could be changed.
  • $1,000 = 1 thermal imager
    To see invaders even at night and not let them in Ukrainian towns and villages.
  • $2,000 = AmmunitionΒ 
    Crucial ammunition – bulletproof vests and helmets – to the groups of territorial defense being sent to the front.

The list of goals which are permanently actual during the war.Β 

  • $2,000 – daily needs
    Food and vital meds for the local territorial defense.
  • $5,000 – tech equipment
    Smartphones, tablets and laptops for the military at the front.
  • $10,000 – ammunition
    Crucial ammunition – bulletproof vests and helmets – to the groups of territorial defense being sent to the front.
Stand with Ukraine
Donate now!
Your contribution, big or small,
makes the peace closer.
Thus, it will save lives.

What has already been done

Our company works together with the Cherkasy IT Custer. We coordinate our efforts to respond to daily requests from the Cherkasy Civil Hub to aid refugees and to equip the territorial defense. This includes purchasing and delivering food, medicines, and ammunition.

As an organization, we also bought 10 smartphones and 3 laptops for one of the army battalions. We are grateful to our clients who expressed their solidarity with Ukraine and already donated for the cause. Join the force! Be on the bright side.